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 A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93

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PostSubject: A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93   Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:59 pm

Fic Title: A Relationship in Christmases
Fandom: Twilight
Format: Novella
Genre: Fluff, Family, Romance
Rating: PG-12
Word Count/Chapter Word Count: Still in Progress (Current total: 1,546)
Warnings: None
Characters: Renesmee, Jacob, Bella, Edward
Pairings: Nessie/Jacob, Bella/Edward
Status: Not finished
Summary: A look at Nessie and Jake's relationship, progressing through various Christmases.



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PostSubject: Re: A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93   Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:00 pm

Chapter Word Count: 1,547

Chapter 1

Renesemee Cullen was excited about Christmas, although she'd never experienced one before and it seemed like it was just going to be another day. She knew that there were other things going on, too that could end up taking away from this. They were important things, things that were a little scary, even. Still, she knew that everyone was trying to make this holiday a special one and she was excited to see what presents had been bought for her. They'd already had a Christmas party at Grandpa Charlie's house and that had been fun, she'd been glad to have some Christmas celebrations with her humans. Grandpa seemed to really like giving her presents and her mom had been happy to give him and Sue something nice for them to do. The two of them had gotten her pretty presents that now sat in her room, along with all the other pretty things that she owned. It had been a good experience all in all.

But now she was going to have Christmas with her family and her wolf person. And she was more excited for that to happen. It would be nice to give them all their presents and to receive presents from them as well.

From what she'd gathered of the typical Christmas traditions, usually children woke up their parents early to open presents, but that wasn't really a problem since her parents never slept anyway. The only person that she had to wake up was her Jake. Jake was like an older brother to her, he did all the fun things with her that sometimes no one else could do or wanted to do. Plus, she could bite him and that was a plus too.

A part of her hand wondered why Jake wasn't spending the Christmas with his dad or his pack, but it made sense to her that he'd spend the Christmas with her, even though he'd already given her a present at Grandpa Charlie's Christmas gathering. She wanted him to see all the pretty things that people were going to give her, plus she was going to give him a present too.

Going to her parent's room, she wasn't surprised to find them already waiting for her. Holding out her arms, her mom picked her up and she touched her face. Can we go to the big house for presents? she asked, showing her what she wanted.

A beautiful smile lit up Bella's face and made Nessie happy. Her momma was the prettiest vampire in the world, although Aunt Rose was beautiful too. “Of course, darling,” she replied and soon the whole family was making the short run to the house.

Nessie loved running, it was so much fun and it happened so fast. She didn't understand how humans like her Grandpa Charlie managed to get by without it. Walking everywhere had to be a major drag. Jacob agreed with her when she'd shown him her thoughts, saying it was why he liked to be a wolf.

As soon as they walked into the Cullen family main house, the family that was there came to greet them. Nessie shared hugs with Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett as they wished her a Merry Christmas in turns, but she frowned to notice that her favorite male wasn't present. Why wasn't he present? Had he decided that he wanted to not spend Christmas with her after all? The thought made her unhappy. Hadn't he mentioned that he wanted to spend time with her?

Since Emmett was the closet to her, she reached up to touch his face. Where's Jacob? she asked him, her eyebrows creasing together.

“Wolf boy is still snoring on the couch upstairs,” he answered with a shake of the head, seemingly not surprised that she'd want to know his location.

Her hand moved back up to her uncle's face, showing him an image of her waking him up to see if it was okay.

“I don't see why not kiddo, go ahead and wake him,” Emmett shrugged, letting her down in order to go get him.

“Maybe it's best if he sleeps a little,” Esme interjected before Nessie could get too far. “He was out late on patrol. I'm sure we could get him up in a couple of hours.”

Renesmee frowned at the possibility, glancing at the tree with the presents underneath it and torn between wanting to open them and wanting Jacob to be there when she did. She wanted him to see all her pretty gifts and she wanted to give him his present too.

“It's fine, he'll want you to wake him,” Edward's voice came, after hearing her worries. “Go ahead and get him.”

The small girl turned and looked to her father, smiling slightly. “If you're sure,” she said, being met with nods and reassurances from everyone in the room. Though she hoped that they were right, the last thing that she would want was to cause Jacob any trouble if he really was so tired. But she trusted her family to be right about this and if anything she would just apologize to her favorite wolf person.

Quickly she ran upstairs, finding her Jake asleep on the couch and snoring loudly. She giggled at the sound, wondering how someone could sleep through making so much noise. Walking over to him she shook his arm slightly, causing a break in the snoring and waiting for him to open his eyes. It didn't happen though and soon he started snoring again.

“Jake! Jake! Wake up, it's Christmas!” she said, trying to shake him again before realizing that it wasn't going to work as he continued to snore away. Getting a little impatient, she pressed her hand against his face, showing him her desire for him to be awake. Surprisingly, it turned out to be what worked as a few moments later his eyes opened slowly.

A smile flashing across his face as he saw her there. “Hey Ness,” he greeted her, sitting up and letting out a huge yawn. He seemed confused for a moment, as if trying to remember something, but it came to him in just an instant later. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Jake!”

“I'm sorry I was asleep, am I holding up the present opening?” he asked and though he looked like he was still quite tired, Nessie didn't detect any resentment toward being awoke. It was like what her dad said, he seemed to want to be awake for this. “We'd better get downstairs, I think you got some cool stuff.”

Just to be sure, she moved her hand to his cheek again as he scooped her up to carry her downstairs. She showed him her hesitance to wake him up, Grandma Esme's suggestion of letting him sleep some more, and her dad's statement that he'd want to be up for the presents, adding her own question to the mix.

“He was right, I wouldn't miss your Christmas presents for the world,” Jacob answered her. “I can't wait to see you open up all those presents.”

That settled that and just a few moments later they were downstairs, with Nessie tearing open the presents that she'd gotten from her family. Each of them was perfectly suited for her and she genuinely loved her family for knowing her so well as to what to get. After she'd thanked everyone for their lovely gifts, and after Grandpa Carlisle forced her to eat some eggs, she turned to Jake. She was excited to give him the present that she'd been working hard on.

Hopping over to him, she reached up, glad that he didn't waste time in picking her up and placed her hand on his cheek to show him that she wanted to give him his present. Though it wasn't something that could so much be given as something that she'd made for him. It was fitting though, as he'd made her a bracelet, she wanted to give him something that she'd come up with all by herself too. For everyone else she'd gone shopping with her mom to pick out things that she had thought that they would like, of course with her dad she'd gotten Well, okay, she had a little bit of help with it.

Still, they went over to the piano and she sat down, starting to play the piece that she'd been working on for the last couple of days with her dad whenever Jake wasn't around – not that it was very often that he wasn't around, it seemed like he hardly ever left and she was happy for that. Everyone gathered around to watch her play and when she finished she turned to look at Jacob, wondering if he had liked the song that she'd put together.

To her delight, she found him clapping and beaming at her proudly. “That was beautiful, Ness.” He picked her up and gave her a tight hug. “Thank you, it's the best present I've ever got.”

She gave him a huge smile and hugged him back, thankful that everything had gone as planned. Her first Christmas was a wonderful time and she just couldn't wait until next year where she'd be able to get better presents for everyone.


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PostSubject: Re: A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:53 pm

Chapter Word Count: 1,555

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Renesemee woke up in a fantastic mood. Today was Christmas yet again and it was her favorite holiday of the year. It was only her third Christmas but she was grown to about the age of a human 12 year old. Past the years that even humans would believe there was anything magical associated to the holiday. Not that she ever had; she'd always been too smart to believe in Santa Claus, a magical man who flew around the world and just gave lots of toys and gifts to children. If you asked her, it didn't even seem logical to be telling children that there was a magical man delivering their presents, when they denied the existence of vampires and werewolves and shapeshifters, and all of the other very real things in their world.

Not just because of her parents either, who always got her anything that she could even think to ask for. Well, them and everyone else in her family. It was rare they denied her anything and she knew that by the logic of many people she should be spoiled and act like a brat. However, that just wasn't on the menu. She was intelligent enough to appreciate that she was only given so much because her family did care about her and she wasn't someone they ever thought they'd get to raise. The point was, none of that was what caused her so much excitement.

No, what caused her so much excitement about Christmas was none other than her best friend, Jacob Black. He had been in her life from the very first day and while she once thought of him as an older brother, she had started to shift her views away from that. Instead, Jacob was now her very best friend in the entire world. He was always there to listen to her and to help her out, though he still doted on her in the way that a family member would, she could sense that he'd realized that their relationship's course had shifted.

Every year, and she was sure that this year would be no different, Jacob gave her a present that he had some made for her in one way or another. And every year she never failed to return the favor. The shared and very personal presents that they only ever gave to each other. They were special and she felt like it should stay that way. He was her best friend, after all, it served that they should have things that were between the two of them and just the two of them.

Sure, Jake had other friends, but it seemed to her that they were the closest of everyone. And that was exactly how she liked it. He was her best friend and she was his. No one else really deserved to be able to call him a best friend, no matter how hard they might try.

When she finally got out of her bed and headed over to the door, she was met by her parents who were already waiting for her with two presents in hand. Sure, it was only her third Christmas but her parents knew that it was the day she looked forward to the most every year and had responded to that by outdoing themselves on Christmas. Everywhere was over decorated to a shameful manner and the pile of presents under the tree at the main Cullen house (now located in a small town in Vermont) was larger than it had ever been despite the fact that there were no new additions to the family.

The only place she knew, where she somewhat frequently visited, that wasn't overdone on the Christmas front was Jake's apartment and that was mostly because he spent his time at the main house so much that his apartment was used more for sleeping and dressing than anything else. Since Grandma Esme insisted on keeping the place well stocked for Jake (and herself), despite the fact that she preferred hunting to human food and that no one else in the Cullen family ate human food either, Jake barely ever ate at his own place either. But he always followed them wherever they happened to go.

“Merry Christmas!” she told her parents, smiling as they each bent down and gave her large hugs and kisses.

“Merry Christmas, Ness,” her dad said, handing over the first present. She ripped it open and found a first edition of her favorite book, [i]Emma[i].

“Thanks, Dad! I love it!” she said with evident enthusiasm as she gave him another large hug and kiss on the cheek.

He chuckled. “I'm very glad to hear it.”

Next she turned to her mother, who was holding a smaller box in her hands. Puzzled over what it could be, she reached over and grabbed it. Opening it up, she found a small digital photo frame with all of her favorite pictures that she'd ever taken. Obviously there were quite a few of Jake in the line up and seeing them made her smile, curiously wondering what he had gotten her.

Edward sighed and Bella glanced over at him in confusion. “Can't even get through two whole gifts before she starts thinking about the wolf,” he replied, although he was mostly teasing.

For some reason the comment made Nessie blush a red that she heard her mother had always been prone to doing when she was human. “I'm just curious as to what he got me,” she mumbled and quickly pressed her hand against her mother's face to show her how thankful she really was about the present.

“I know you are, sweetie,” Bella answered aloud, pressing a kiss against her forehead. “But, let's go see what he did get you.”

And so, they loaded in the car (it was cold) and drove the short distance to the Cullen main house. Where she was taken up in a flurry of hugs and kisses and greetings from the rest of the Cullens as if they hadn't just seen her yesterday. After wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, she saw Jake standing there waiting for her.

Grinning she ran over to her best friend. “I think I've got you beat for best present, this year,” she told him, confidently.

“Oh yeah, is that so?” he asked. “Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but there is no way you're outdoing my awesometastic gift.”

“Awesometastic isn't even a word,” Nessie said, sticking her tongue out at him. “So, I think I will be the winner.”

The rest of her family knew better than to try and have their presents done first as last year she'd gotten impatient opening them while waiting for Jake's present. This year they'd all been in agreement that she and Jake would exchange presents first and that way all the other gifts wouldn't get rushed through.

“If you're so sure, then you go first,” he told her.

“Fine, I will!” she said, running over to the tree and pulling out the present that she had made for Jacob. Handing it over, she eagerly watched as he started to open it. Inside there was a painting, one that she had made all by herself, of First Beach at La Push. She knew that Jake missed La Push even if he never said so in that many words or pretended not to. How could he not miss his family? She knew that she would if she was in his position.

However, instead of looking up at her touched or something, he started to laugh. He was laughing at her gift! Immediately she felt anger rising up inside of her, as well as disappointment. Tears welling up in her eyes. Was she that bad an artist? How could it be so terrible that he would laugh? She'd worked so hard on her gift.

“If you didn't like it, all you had to do was say so,” she mumbled, crossing her arms over her stomach.

Immediately Jacob realized what he'd done wrong and walked over to scoop her in a bear hug. “Ness! Ness, no, don't be upset. I love it, really I do. It looks exactly like home and it's perfect,” he told her with such sincerity that it was actually hard for her to doubt his honesty.

“Then why are you laughing?” she demanded, still confused about why her gift had caused such a reaction.

“Because, I think that we might just be tied on the gift front,” he told her, still not exactly answering her question.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Here,” he told her, handing her the present that was behind the couch. “Open it up and you'll see.”

So, she tore off the paper and inside she found a wood carving. Only, it looked like a picture. A picture of La Push, First Beach with a wolf standing on the shore. Her fingers ran across the different layers of wood that were framed to be hung and she found herself laughing too and then she was hugging him.

“I have been told that great minds think alike,” Jake said, poking her side lightly after hugging her back.

“I guess they do,” she agreed and she knew that the rest of her Christmas was going to be just perfect, just like always.



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PostSubject: Re: A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:53 pm

Chapter Word Count: 1,927

Chapter 3

Unlike in past years, Nessie woke up nervous on the day of Christmas. It was her sixth Christmas and for once she didn't feel the excitement that usually did on this day. Not because she was growing out of the magic of the holiday, which she continued to feel, but maybe because it was such a big event. One that she didn't feel like she could handle. Part of her was regretting that she'd even chosen Christmas for this. It was a dumb idea, she was beginning to believe. She'd barely slept the night before because her nerves were getting to her that much.

By now she was grown to the age of about a 17 year old and she knew that in the next year she'd come to stop growing all together. It was weird, sometimes, when she thought about the fact that she was already the same age that her father was, physically, and would stop aging before she got to the physical age of her mother (who most everyone counted as 19 since her birthday had been so close). Which was something that Bella always had a hard time living down, the idea that her baby girl would look as old as an 18 year old in seven short years and would continue to live at such an age, indefinitely.

The first thing that she did when she got up was head straight to the bathroom, to get ready for the day, brush her teeth and so on. She wanted to look absolutely perfect for the day, since it was such an important happening. Running a brush through her hair, she studied herself in the mirror.

She supposed that she was an attractive person and she'd never been told otherwise. Her long bronze hair fell down her back in perfect ringlets, her skin was a soft pale color without visible flaw to it, she had chocolate brown eyes that everyone always raved about (something that she would never understand because they were just incredibly plain and boring to her) and her features did have an overall appealing nature to them. But then, what did you expect when you were the child of a vampire and of an attractive human? Besides, growing up with a bunch of vampires always made it hard to believe that you were any level of attractive. And that would be without having the most beautiful vampire in the whole world as your aunt.

Nevertheless, she was satisfied as she dusted on a little bit of makeup. It couldn't really get much better than this and when she paired it with the outfit that she'd had planned – a dark red sweater dress that was a little too tight for Edward's liking, paired with some leggings and a pair of nice boots (all courtesy of Aunt Alice's recent shopping trip) – she knew that she was going to look amazing.

And she was proven right when she walked out to greet her parents, who looked slightly surprised at how well she was dressed. Neither one of them knew what she had planned either since, as of last year, Bella had been shielding Nessie's mind from her father so that she could have a bit more privacy to just act somewhat like a normal teenager from time to time. Besides, she'd been awful glad that it had happened because she had a feeling that neither one of her parents would have appreciated knowing what had been going through her head for the past year or so.

“Well, you look very beautiful,” Bella complimented her daughter, raising one of her perfectly arched eyebrows in question.

“Thank you,” Ness answered, smiling slightly and not going into detail.

“So... do you want to give us a hint as to why we're suddenly under-dressed for Christmas?” Edward asked after a moment of silence.

“No particular reason. Aunt Alice did buy me all of this on her last trip, I thought it'd be nice to wear some of it for the holidays.”

Although she caught the look that her parents shared, a look that spelled out pretty simply that they didn't believe her in the slightest, she was glad that they decided that they weren't going to push the issue. Probably because, although she wasn't aware of it, they had a pretty good idea of what it could be.

“Uh... so, are we all ready to head over to the big house?” she asked, giving a smile and trying to hide all her nerves with the excitement that she usually had this time of the year. It wasn't like she had gifts to receive from her parents right now anyway, as they said that her present was over at the main house and she'd have to wait for it there.

“Sure,” her father answered, leading them over to the car. They were currently living in a Canadian town in British Columbia. The Cullens weren't used to having to move around so much, but with a hybrid vampire/human who grew so quickly, they couldn't really afford to stay in one place until she was finished growing.

When they got to the main house, she had to keep herself from both running into the house and running away. Her nerves were eating her up and she felt herself changing her mind with every step she got closer to the house. This was stupid, she was stupid. She wasn't going to do it. But she was, she had to, she'd promised herself she was going to.

As soon as she walked into the house, the group was there to greet her like always. Aunt Alice was complimenting her clothing choice and bragging to everyone about how she knew that her niece would grow up right and have some fashion sense. She shook her head though when Uncle Jasper opened his mouth to say something. Even though she might be able to hide her feelings from her Dad, she was not able to hide her emotions from Jasper and there was no doubt that he was probably confused as to what could have her feeling that way.

The mystery probably wouldn't last long though because as soon as her family was gone, up stepped Jacob and she felt her heart skip a beat. Somewhere along the past year, she couldn't say where, her feelings from him had shifted from platonic to a full on crush. Some people might have thought that it was weird or something and she would have thought so too, for a long time, but one day it just happened and the sight of Jacob Black sent her heart pounding, her stomach twisting and her knees weakening.

A grin lit up his face, almost making her swoon. How was it possible that it'd taken her so long to realize how attractive Jacob was? His dark black hair, tan skin, dark brown eyes... and that wasn't even mentioning his body. How was it possible to be so hot? Suddenly she felt shaky and she had to try and keep herself under control as an internal panic suddenly seized her. There was no way that he'd like her, none at all.

“Hey Ness,” he said, with a voice that made her insides feel like jelly and pushed all thought out of her mind. When he hugged her, she couldn't help the shade of pink that colored her cheeks. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Jake,” she responded, trying to remind herself to play it cool.

“Ready for the present-off?” he teased. “Cause I'm not going to lie, I think my gift might be on the weaker side this year. You might have a chance to win, for once.”

“Yeah, right. I always win,” she retorted, still feeling butterflies in her stomach. Though she knew she was no where ready for what she had planned yet. “But actually, no. I was thinking that our presents could wait until after everyone else gives gifts.”

He stared at her slightly, clearly surprised by her answer. And everyone else seemed to share the same shock as they looked at her. However, she just shrugged in response and got to opening her presents. Her nerves were overtaking her so much though that she had a hard time expressing the proper amount of enthusiasm for anything, even when her parents revealed that they had gotten her a car. A car! Only what she'd been asking for all year, and the most she managed to do was smile and thank them. Finally, it was over though and everyone dismissed her.

“I was thinking we could go somewhere else to exchange presents,” she told him, which didn't help the confused look on his face at all. But he was so cute when he was confused! How was she even going to manage to do this.


She led him away, upstairs to the far side of the house – not that it would matter, since they were in a house full of vampires who could hear anything that happened anyway, but she tried to push that out of her mind. The last thing she needed was an audience.

“Are you going to tell me what this is about?” he asked. “I've gotta admit, Ness, I've got no clue.”

Of course he had no clue. Despair colored her for a moment, wondering if she should just give it all up and pretend that it had all been some joke or something. But she didn't even have a present for him and though he'd tell her it was okay, it'd still be awkward and he'd have to know that there was something that she hadn't told him. But she needed to do this! She needed to tell him, she told him everything and he told her everything and she couldn't live with the idea of never telling him how desperately in love with him she felt.

Taking a deep breath, she walked over and pressed her hand up to his cheek, biting down on her bottom lip as she flooded her mind with exactly what she wanted. To be swept up in his arms, for him to press his lips up against her own, and kiss her like he never wanted to stop. To hear him whisper that he loved her and to say it back herself. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest as she finished, pulling her hand away and staring at him in fright. What if she'd just ruined their whole relationship, forever?

For a minute, Jake just stood there, his eyes closed and her fears ran wild in her mind. And then, quicker than she could imagine, his hands were on his hips and he pulled her against him, his lips pressing against her own. It was better than anything that she could have imagined, she gasped against his mouth and returned the kiss, her fingers moving up to tangle into his hair. This was a moment she never wanted to end and she could feel sheer joy that this had worked, running through her mind.

When he did pull away they were breathless and his dark eyes stared into her own. “I love you, Renesmee.”

“I love you, too,” she told him, smiling so much that it hurt. Her whole heart felt like it was going to burst from all the happiness.

“Would you make my Christmas, and agree to be my girlfriend?” he asked, one of his hands moving up to cup her cheek.

She nodded and smiled, laughing a little bit. “Of course.” Christmas had never better.



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PostSubject: Re: A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:54 pm

Chapter word count: 1,563

Chapter 4

On her 8th Christmas, Renesmee Cullen wasn't up early. It was also the first Christmas that she wasn't with her family. Instead, she was at the small cottage that she and Jake had been sharing together for the past year. Although she had plans to see her family today, they weren't until much later in the afternoon. It wasn't even until 10 in the morning that she was awoken, yawning as she glanced over at the clock on the bedside table.

The first thing that she noticed was that the bed felt empty and a quick look to her left proved her right. She should have known the second she drifted into consciousness and didn't hear any snoring because as much as she loved Jake, the guy snored like a chainsaw. That was okay though because it never interrupted her sleep. She did frown though as she sat up, wondering where in the world her boyfriend could be.

“Jake?” she called out, waiting for an answer. When she got none, she frowned and swung her legs over the side of the bed, running a hand through her curls to put some order to them. The fact that Jake wasn't answering her did make her slightly concerned because he always answered her, was always there before she could even think to ask for him.

Heading down the hallway, she stuck her head into the bathroom and found it empty. The kitchen was her next best bet, but as she headed out there she found that it was empty as well. Though by the dirty dishes that were now in the sink, it was obvious that he'd been there and eaten.

Her frown deepened as she wondered where he could be and she almost missed the sheet of paper on the table. Walking over to take a closer look, she saw a blood bag inside of a cup – which caused her to smile because she knew that Jake tended to prefer it when she ate human food – and a note in his handwriting addressed to her.


Merry Christmas, beautiful. I hope that you forgive me for not being here, but your present required me to do some last minute details this morning. So after you eat up (or more like drink up) and get dressed I'd appreciate it if you would go out back and follow the arrow trail that will lead to your present.

- Jake

Now she was curious, wondering what in the world her boyfriend had up his sleeve. As far as she'd been aware, they were still going to exchange presents that were made by themselves. Which was why she'd spent forever working on a series of small paintings that showed their relationship throughout the years, moments from their time together. In fact, she was quite proud of it and even her family had been impressed at how much work she'd put into it. She'd asked their opinions of the works and she had kept them over at the main Cullen house to make sure that Jake wouldn't accidentally stumble upon them.

After drinking down the blood that her boyfriend had so graciously provided for her, she put her cup in the sink and ran to their bedroom to throw on some clothes. Temperature wasn't usually an issue for her, but she did throw on a sweater and some jeans before pulling on her boots to head out the door. She was too excited to take her time and quickly followed the arrows that led her on a path through the woods. It was definitely a good thing that she'd eaten before coming out here, otherwise she might have been distracted to hunt. But maybe not, this was Christmas and there was nothing more exciting than presents from the man she loved.

The arrows led on for a short while before she reached a small clearing, which had been decorated for Christmas. The trees all around had decorations on them and looked too beautiful to be real with the light covering of snow that was all over everything. And in the center, stood her boyfriend. His russet skin standing out all the more in this surrounding and she was struck by how he completed the picture perfect scene.

“What's all this?” she asked him, walking over to him and smiling despite herself. She couldn't see a present anywhere, but she supposed that maybe he had hidden it. It seemed like the type of thing he'd do.

“It's Christmas,” he answered with a laugh, hugging her tightly to him and pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

Even though the action was nothing special, it still caused her heart to beat a bit faster as she gave a laugh of her own. Pulling away slightly, she looked up into his eyes – quite the task, considering their over one foot height difference – and raised an eyebrow.

“But I don't see any presents,” she teased.

“Right, about that,” he began, suddenly looking nervous for a reason that she couldn't understand. Jake never was nervous, they both were always overly confident in their gifts to one another. Probably because they always knew each other well enough to just know what the other person wanted. “I'm going to admit that I didn't exactly make this one.”

A part of her heart sunk a little bit, disappointed that apparently their tradition was no longer going on. She pushed the feeling away though as she realized that she didn't even know what it was yet. “And this one is...?”

He moved a little bit further away from her before he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee in front of her. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized what he was about to do, her heart pounding uncontrollably as she waited for him to start.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you mean the world to me. You're perfect in every way that a person can be and every day that I'm with you, I fall in love with you a little bit more. Even without the imprint, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have fallen head over heals with you. I know we've got all the time in the world to be together, but I don't want to go another day without knowing that you'll be mine completely,” his voice was steady, but she could see his hand shake slightly as he held the small box out toward her. “Will you make me the happiest man alive and agree be my wife?”

Although crying wasn't something that she did often, she could feel tears welling up in her eyes as she nodded rapidly and threw herself into his arms with enough force that it would have knocked over a normal human. Luckily, it only slightly displaced Jake, who quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her close, pressing a kiss to her temple. She shifted slightly so that she'd be able to press her lips against his own in a deep kiss.

Her hands moved into his dark hair that she loved so much and she kissed him with enough passion and purpose that if they hadn't been in the middle of the forest in December, their day would have probably turned out different. As it were, she only pulled away when she absolutely had to.

Gasping for breath, she looked at her fiance – a thrill going through her because she could even use the word – and couldn't help the wide smile that overtook her features.

“So, am I going to get to see this ring?”

“Well, you were the one that kissed me,” he argued. “But I suppose I can put it on, now that you've accepted.”

After he slid the ring onto her finger she took a good look at it, noticing that it was older looking and not that flashy. A medium sized diamond set in a simple band that looked to have some tribal markings on it. She loved it and stared at it for a minute or two once it was set on her ring finger, vowing to never take it off.

“Do you like it?” Jacob asked, noticing the way that she'd been studying it.

“I love it!” she assured him with a brilliant smile.

“Good, it was my mother's,” he admitted. Which only made her love it all the more, knowing how special it was.

“That only stands to make it all the more perfect,” Nessie told him, pressing a peck to his lips before she burst into giggles. “I'm going to be Mrs. Jacob Black.”

“That you are.” He grinned, clearly as pleased by the idea as she was. “How is that for a Christmas present?”

“I think it takes the cake of all the gifts you've ever given me,” the hybrid answered. “Best Christmas yet.”

“Well, I've gotta say, I don't know how I'm going to top this one,” he chuckled, pulling her close to him once more. Wrapping his strong arms around her and just enjoying their current position.

“Lucky for you, you've got another 364 days to try and figure it out,” she taunted, tilting her head back to stick her tongue out at him.

She could feel him shake his head and knew without looking that there was a smile on his face.

“Merry Christmas, Ness.”

“Merry Christmas, Jake.”


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A Relationship in Christmases [TWI - PG-12] - amberg93
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