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 I Said Yes! [Original - PG-12] - amberg93

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Raistlin The Wizard

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PostSubject: I Said Yes! [Original - PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:16 am

Fic Title: I Said Yes!
Fandom: Original (GPA Universe)
Format: One-shot
Genre: General, Humor
Rating: PG-12
Word Count: 630
Warnings: None
Characters: Anna Robertson, Henry Blackburn
Pairings: Anna/Henry
Status: Finished
Summary: April Fool's Day has arrived and Anna has an idea to freak everyone out.

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Raistlin The Wizard

Male Posts : 125
Join date : 2010-02-06
Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: I Said Yes! [Original - PG-12] - amberg93   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:17 am

I Said Yes!

It was a well known fact that one of the things Anna's mother did not want her to do was get married young. For whatever reason, she just detested the idea, which Anna had a feeling was linked to the fact that her father's sister had gotten married young and it had all gone to hell in a hand basket fairly quickly. Or maybe it was just that Anna was known to be so unpredictable at times and so quick to say yes to something new, that she worried she'd marry just anyone early on.

So, on the days approaching April Fool's Day, she had figured that making her mom thing she was engaged at only 16 would be the perfect prank to play on her. Especially given that she was away at a boarding school and she hadn't ever met Henry, though she knew the two of them had been dating since early December.

First though, she'd had to convince Henry to go along with it because he'd obviously be a big part of the plan. "I think we should get engaged for April Fool's this year," she told him between kisses as they were hanging out together in his dorm room. Figuring it was just as good a time as any to bring up the idea.

"Wait, what?" He'd pulled away and looked mildly panicked, which was an adorable look on him. His eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open, added with the ruffled nature of his clothing and messy hair from their activities, made him look almost animated. "Did you just say you want to get engaged?"

She smirked. If he wasn't catching on to where she was going with this, might as well mess with him as well. "Yep."

Now he looked full out panicked, as if he'd been hoping that he'd heard wrong. "Look, Anna, you're a great girl and I love being with you but... we're not at a point to be making those sorts of choices yet." Now he moved further away, clearly wondering if she'd gone crazy. "And if you think we are, maybe we're not that suited to each other after all."

Rolling her eyes, she reached out and hit him lightly on the chest. "We should pretend to get engaged for April Fool's Day, idiot."

"Oh." His relief was obvious and comical.

"Great to know how you would respond if I was serious, though. Break up with the girl that proposes," she taunted, sticking her tongue out. "But if we pull it off right, we could get everyone to freak out. It'd be hilarious."

"Hey, it was possible that you were just holding off the obsessive crazy until now," Henry answered, only starting to see the humor in his reaction. "You might be onto something though. It'd be super funny to watch everyone have a panic attack over this."

She grinned widely, thinking how great it was that he was on board to mess with people like this. "Okay, so, now we just have to plan it all out."

They started to brainstorm what would be the best way to go about it and make it look in character for the both of them. If they were going to fool the people who knew them the best, they were going to have to do it right. Finally, they'd decided on a club setting, that way it could look like they might have been drinking ahead of time and they decided to post it on the day before, to make it not quite as obvious. They'd snapped a few photos with their cell phone and Anna sent out a couple of Facebook posts.

One picture showed her 'new ring' on her finger and accompanied with the message: 'I can't believe it <3!'. While another showed the two of them kissing and her left hand resting on his face, ring in clear view, with the accompanying message: 'I said yes xxxxxx'

As expected, the phone calls came flying in for both of them not too soon after and they both played along with the joke. Her mother called only moments after the post had gone up, which was surprising but funny.

"Oh Mom, I'm so happy!" she giggled. "I can't believe it! Can you believe it? I'm getting married!"

As expected, her mother had a full on freak-out. "Anneliese Kay Robertson! You are 16 years old! You can't be getting engaged! I forbid it! I've never even met the guy!" She did sound pretty hysterical on the other end of the line.

"But moooooom," she whined. "I already said yes! Besides I love him and he's so hooot! We're gonna get married. Going to the chapel and we're gonna get maaaaaaarried." Singing the last part, she had to keep herself from laughing.

"Have you been drinking? Anneliese! You're grounded!" It was pretty funny how much she was freaking out. "I forbid you from getting married!"

"It's too late, for that," Anna kept the singsong tone to her voice. "I've gotta go! They're giving us free dessert! Woo-hoo!"

When she ended the call, her phone started ringing again immediately, with calls from her cousins and her friends and her mother coming in all over again. Not that she picked up her mother's calls again, but it didn't stop her from picking up some new calls and going through the same kind of charade all over again.

Meanwhile, Henry took calls from his best friends and kept the same straight face throughout. Though it was easy to tell that there was a bit less freaking out on those calls and a bit more wonderment as to his mental state, which was to be expected.

At some point they did stop taking calls because it was just too funny to hear everyone freak out and because they didn't want to spend the whole night doing so. They switched their phones off, knowing that they'd have to keep up the act later on and would have plenty of time for it later.

Sure, they'd have to tell them all at one point that they'd been played and it was all a joke. But that point wasn't going to be for another two days and tonight they toasted to a well executed joke and how amusing it was to watch everyone freak out. This was the best April Fool's Day in years.

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I Said Yes! [Original - PG-12] - amberg93
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