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 How to Post a Fic?!

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Raistlin The Wizard

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PostSubject: How to Post a Fic?!   Sun Feb 07, 2010 3:53 pm

Well here's how:

1 - You need to ask for your own Cabinet HERE!

2 - You post in your forum with the following requirements:

  • Title: your fic title must contain the title, the fandom the fic belongs to (or that it's an original), and then finally the rating (PG-12, PG-15, etc) (i.e. "Snape's Demise [HP - PG-12]")
  • 1st Post: in your first post, before you actually post your fic, you should fill this form:

    [b]Fic Title:[/b]
    [b]Fandom:[/b] (Harry Potter, Buffy, Original etc)
    [b]Format: [/b](One shot, Novel, etc)
    [b]Genre: [/b](Angst, Dark, etc)
    [b]Rating: [/b](PG-12, PG-15, etc)
    [b]Word Count/Chaper Word Count:[/b]
    [b]Warnings:[/b] (Slash, sex scenes, violence, etc)
    [b]Characters: [/b](Harry, Ginny, etc)
    [b]Pairings:[/b] (Hinny, Hermione, Bangel, etc)
    [b]Status:[/b] (Finished/Not Finished)
    [b]Summary[/b]: (a brief summary of your fic)
  • Then on your second post you can write down your fic.
3 - Once this is done you need to post HERE, asking for your fic to be approved (don't forget to put a link to your fic). If your fic is approved, it will be moved to the proper place, visible for everyone to read.
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How to Post a Fic?!
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